Cologne, View from KölnTurm
For this very high-resolution gigapixel image of Cologne a 840-mm-lens was used. It was shot from the 148-m-high "KölnTurm". Shooting duration was 5 hours. It shows a unique view over the center of Cologne to the North-East and South. To the South you can see all the way to Bonn and the Siebengebirge.
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Image Properties: Shooting date:
14:32 - 19:34
Michael von Aichberger
Max. magnification:
57 x
Image dimensions:
413000 x 100000 pixels
41 gigapixels
Single frames:
109 x 32
= 3488 single frames
Canon EOS 6D
EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM
+ Extender 1.4x III @ 840 mm
50.9481, 6.94308
  Spire of cathedral Musical Dome Cologne/Bonn Airport Port of Niehl Saint Gereon Bonn Post Tower Axa Building Town Hall Bensberg Palace Tanzbrunnen BayArena Swing-Bridge Deutz Richmodis Building DW Skyscraper HA Schult Globe
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