Paris, West Facade Notre Dame
This 8-gigapixel image shows the western facade of the famous cathedral "Notre Dame" in Paris. The western facade is originally from 1250, but was partly destroyed in the French Revolution. For instance, the 28 statues of Judaic kings were destroyed as they were falsely taken for French kings. The current status dates from 1865 when the facade underwent extensive restoration. With 20 million annual visitors this building is the most visited monument in all of Europe.
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Image Properties: Shooting date:
19:52 - 20:22
Michael von Aichberger
Max. magnification:
43.2 x
Image dimensions:
107000 x 78000 pixels
8.3 gigapixels
Single frames:
15 x 18
= 270 single frames
Canon EOS 5DsR
EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II @ 400 mm
48.8533, 2.34915