Paris, View from Montparnasse Tower looking west
This 16-gigapixel panorama shows the view from 210-metres-high Montparnasse Tower to the west. In 2016 the observation platform still was truely open air, without walls of glass that have been installed since then. Gigapixel photography can't be done through glass, so today this ultra-highres panorama would not have been not been possible anymore. Since April 2023, the observation deck is even completely closed for an indefinite period.
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Image Properties: Shooting date:
12:16 - 12:55
Michael von Aichberger
Max. magnification:
43.2 x
Image dimensions:
269150 x 61000 pixels
16.4 gigapixels
Single frames:
65 x 15
= 675 single frames
Canon EOS 5DsR
EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM @ 400 mm
48.8423, 2.32196