Heilbronn, City Center from Wartbergturm
Ultra hires 42-gigapixels-image of the city center of Heilbronn, Germany. Shot form the Wartbergtower with 840 mm. Maximal zoom factor! Clearly visible on the horizon is the TV tower of Stuttgart, 45 km (28 miles) away. Btw. there's a also gigapixel image from that tower, taken in 2012.
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Image Properties: Shooting date:
19:22 - 21:36
Michael von Aichberger
Max. magnification:
90 x
Image dimensions:
334828 x 63285 pixels
42 gigapixels
Single frames:
55 x 28
= 1540 single frames
Canon EOS 5DsR
EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM
+ Canon Extender 1.4x III @ 840 mm
49.1596, 9.23551
  Wartbergkirche Heilbronn Theater experimenta - The Science Center St. Kilian Church Heilbronner Stimme Allee 2 Heilbronn Main Station Böckingen Water Tower Staufenberg bei Flein Michaelsberg Cleebronn Hoher Asperg Stuttgart TV Tower        
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