Sofia at Night from below Kopitoto TV Tower
Sofia at Night from below Kopitoto TV Tower. The panorama was taken from the site under the Kopitoto TV tower, which is not publicly accessible. It is made with a mirrorless camera Canon EOS R5 and telephoto lens - Sigma 135mm f1.8 DG HSM Art.
© George Palov/Michael von Aichberger 2021 - No part of this image may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright owners
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Image Properties: Shooting date:
20:21 - 20:41
George Palov / Michael von Aichberger
Max. magnification:
13.7 x
Image dimensions:
76388 x 29001 pixels
2.2 gigapixels
Single frames:
28 x 8
= 224 single frames
Canon EOS R5
Sigma 1,8/135 mm Art @ 135 mm
42.6372, 23.2438