Detail Augsburg (Graffiti) Gigapixel images resemble hidden object picture books. What is so special about them is the endless number of elements to discover. This is why gigapixel photos are especially suitable for bird's eye view cityscapes. Gigapixel pictures, which are freely available on the internet, magically attract web users and draw their attention to the respective city. For that reason, such photos are ideal tools für city marketing and tourism.

Detail Augsburg Information regarding the places of interest shown in the picture or links to other gigapixel photos can be integrated. Thanks to interactive gigapixel photos, viewing platform owners or leaseholders have the possibility to offer visitors perfectly clear views even in poor weather conditions. Given their enormous variety of details, gigapixel photos also qualify for prize draws, inviting the participants to search for certain elements in the picture. Such elements could be distinctive locations in the picture or intentionally placed people (for instance celebrities). Or even six-foot Easter eggs positioned at certain locations for the shot.

Augsburg Zoom auf Detail The combination with multimedia elements opens up a vast number of possible uses. Once a gigapixel photo is taken, it can be used online (internet) and offline (permanent installation). Please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you!